XLII Recap: I'm Fat

Once again, I'll spare you any expert analysis, since you can go to a credible website and have the X's and O's broken down for you. Here are my Super Bowl notes:

-The commercials were terrible overall.
The Will Ferrell one was top notch though. A couple others were good, but nobody really brought the funny this year. Angelina Jolie brought the "damn" in the Wanted trailer.

-So when I spoke to Tony during halftime, I said that I was still able to walk around and function naturally. After a productive second half, I am no longer able to do that. GBC is still the undefeated champion of desserts (GBC/Desserts = '72 Dolphins/Football = Josh Lohnes/Drinking).

-Another year, another 0-fer in the squares games. And I would have lost a billion dollars if I bet on the game. I would have gladly given 11.5 points and gone all in on the Patriots. This is case #761581 why it's good that I don't bet on football.

-I really really wish the Giants would have tried to score on the last play with 1 second left. I hate Tom Coughlin almost as much as Belichick, and I thought he was a big enough d-bag to do it. I know coach Pellegrino agrees with me (who I'm sure would go for 2 with no time left and a thousand people on the field).

-3/4 of the game sucked, but it was a stellar 4th quarter. However, any time I see a highlight of the Scott Norwood miss (SB25), along with the Vinatieri make (SB36), I automatically have to label this the worst televised program in the history of the universe. I hate you FOX, I hope you die.

-Tom Brady, you suck...but you're still a winner in "Life."

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