How Did We Miss This?

Here is the official website for the National Cattlemen's Foundation Collegiate Beef Quiz Bowl. That's right... I said BEEF QUIZ BOWL... as in Quiz Bowl, topic: BEEF! How such a spectacular event escaped our collective recognition is beyond me. It all went down this past weekend in Nashville, TN; a perfect place for the Beef Quiz Bowl. Those might be my favorite words in the english language right now... Beef. Quiz. Bowl.

From the website: "The students answer a series of questions about all aspects of beef cattle and the beef industry. The range of questions can include physiology, nutrition, reproduction, meat science, basic production information, and current events affecting the beef industry." There's a Meat Science?!?! Why didn't I major in this instead of this stupid computer stuff?

THE Penn State University escaped with a narrow and hard fought victory (not really, I'm trying to make it sound exciting) over Michigan State, Texas A&M and Utah State. I think the Big Ten's slogan next year should be "Eff football, WE KNOW BEEF!"

And now... my favorite part of the entire website... check out the Michigan State squad...

... yes, I know it's probably not nearly as awesome as I'm imagining, but quit ruining my fantasy you jerks! Any team of chicks that can make the Final Four of the Beef Quiz Bowl is alright with me.

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sir said...

Upon further review, it has become apparent that my doppleganger was on the A&M squad, Russell Real, far right of pic, bearing a strong resemblance to Jason Phillips. His ass-slapping ability, however, has yet to be confirmed.