Phrases That Induce Vomiting: Skate to Neck

In case you haven't heard about it, that's a picture of Olie Jokinenon botching the Iron Lotus ("Blades of Glory" reference) last night, with Richard Zednik on the receiving end. From the announcer, "I've never seen that much blood so quickly."

The report from TSN: "Florida Panthers forward Richard Zednik was taken off the ice in Sunday's game against the Buffalo Sabres after taking a skate to his neck. With the Sabres leading 4-3 midway through the third period, linemate Olli Jokinen - who was being checked in the Sabres' zone - fell forward and his skate accidently caught Zednik's neck. Zednik bled profusely from his neck, but was able to skate toward his bench where he was met by the trainer and immediately ushered to the locker room."

Zednik underwent successful surgery last night and is resting comfortably this morning. He is listed in stable condition.

For those who are morbid like me, there are stills available from SBA: Number 1 and Number 2 and video available from The Hockey Herald.

Firsthand account from Deadspin poster KellyHelene: "I was at the game, sitting right by the spot where he was hit. If you ever have opportunity to sit with 18,000 people in a single room who are all wondering if they just saw a man's last moments, well... I'd pass on the expierence. They couldn't even get all the blood off the ice. The game really shouldn't have gone on."

My question after watching the video and looking at the stills, how the FUCK did he skate over to the bench after that?!?! Well, time for lunch!

UPDATE: a photo that really captures the situation....check out the reactions of the fans...

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