Confirmed: Herbie Hancock is a Real Person?

So I'm watching the Grammy's on Sunday and saw that the nominees for "Album of the Year" included one Herbie Hancock. Anybody who grew up in the Chris Farley era knows that the phrase "Herbie Hancock" comes from the movie Tommy Boy, in which Farley responds to David Spade's request "I need your John Hancock..." with "everybody knows it's Herbie Hancock."

All these years I kind of figured Herbie was a real person and not just a funny name made up by the genius of Chris Farley. But here we are in the year 2008 and he wins the freakin' Grammy for Album of the Year over the likes of Kanye West and Amy Winehouse. Congrats to Herbie for finally stepping out of the shadow of being the guy known as a cheesy line in Tommy Boy. I guess.

-Every time I see a photo or video of Ms. Winehouse, I get the hunkerin' for a death pool. She has rapidly climbed the rankings and is now officially the A-Rod of death pools (or is she the Keith Hernandez of our generation, or both?). I think if we ever finalize an idea for the SuperDraft (the all sports fantasy league) we'll have to throw a death pool in there for good measure.

-I'm glad that radio stations aren't in charge of handing out Grammy's, or else the winner list would look like this:

Best New Artist: Soulja Boy
Record of Year: Soulja Boy
Best Collaboration of Anything, Ever: Soulja Boy
Coolest Thing for 14 Year Old White Kids to Dance to: Soulja Boy

-I was really hoping for another Kanye West explosion after Herbie Hancock won for Album of the Year. The music he puts out is good and all, but the shit-talking he does is truly beautiful. Some might call it complaining or bragging, but when the BertFlex Shit-Talky Award ballots are sent out, I'll find his name first and be done.

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