One of my new favorite things to watch is the TV version of tmz.com. It’s kind of like Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight, without the celebrity ass-kissing segments that those shows normally run.

It is pretty much a televised version of the website, for those who don’t have the patience to watch every video they post. With tons of daily coverage of Britney Spears – how could this possibly be a bad show?

Actually I’ve only been to their website a handful of times, but the TV version is pretty addictive. It’s insane how much round-the-clock coverage the paparazzi have on some of these celebrities (Britney, Lohan, Hilton, etc). It makes me wonder if I should buy a nice camera and hang out around the area in case someone important passes by.

Honestly I’d like to see a St. Louis version of TMZ, something we could do if we wanted to quit our lackluster day jobs. The difference would be that we’d cover St. Louis-only celebrities and the random “real” celebrities that frequent our little town once in a while. This would be perfect for a show right after Chalk Talk, on Charter’s channel 3. Everyone knows the ratings are outstanding for Chalk Talk, so we’d have a huge lead-in audience for our show. I imagine us covering such things as, “here’s a camera-phone video of Mike Bush picking his nose as he walks into the Pasta House! Oh yeah!!”

Maybe the moral of this story is that I’m becoming soft or possibly really gay, or this is the product of working with a bunch of women for the past 3 years (you need the latest edition of People, US Weekly, or OK! Magazine? Stop by). But I think it is for the better that I come out now, instead of letting you bastards gossip behind my back.

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