Maybe Even Peyton Mannin'...Maybe...

With the exception of the always exciting Pro Bowl, another football season is in the books. And for about the tenth straight year, I capped it off by eating around 8 pounds of food.

For a "real" recap of the game, feel free to stop by a credible website for all that, but for a recap of what the Super Bowl is all about--food and gambling--keep it locked here.

At the Knights of Columbus party, I loaded up on a few ham and roast beef sandwiches. Yes, I said a few. Combine that with four piles of those little smokies, a bowl of chili, some Italian meatballs, a ton of tortilla chips (covered with more chili), and three cupcakes, and we've got ourselves a good first quarter. I know the ILL-side party had some chicken wings with Ben's special sauce (oops, that came out wrong), plus the ever-so-lovable Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

As for the gambling, I sucked on the squares games, and was shut out once again. I think I fared better at the degenerate dollar bets going on at Justin's party. Tony will calculate the totals and I'm sure will send out the "invoices," errr face-punching squad, sometime this week. I know a couple of us won on the length of the National Anthem. Big ups to the Piano Man for keeping it under 1:42. Feel free to add your results to the comments section.

And thus concludes another fun year of football. Time to defrost Mel Kiper and get him ready for the draft pre-game show, which starts Thursday I think. Until then, let's focus on getting Ted Ginn fitted for his Rams uni...

photo courtesy www.blackbettie.blogspot.com; she shares her love for Flamin' Hot Cheetos in the May '05 link.

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Big Head said...

I put a clinic on at bad squares as well. When the Colts were punting inside their own five, I was hoping to God that the snap was going over Hunter Smith's head. The future ex-wife was over watching the game with me, and to spice up our relationship, I showed her how to play squares...then she called me a "degenerate". Yeah, just showing some love.

As far as the drinking goes; being a Bears fan for life, there was a lot of it. In fact, I should have bought some AB stock by the way I was throwing them back (reminds me of the line "They outta call us Aaron Burr from the way we're droppin' Hamilton's" from Lazy Sunday). There were several crushed and left for dead soldiers around the apartment, including a few Smirnoff's from Ms. Big Head. But I made a couple of mean steaks in 10 below weather, and ate too much as well.

BTW- Anyone seen the name of Aldi's brand Hot Cheetos? Flaming Cheezers. 'Nuff said.