Welcome one, welcome all to the 2007 MissFlex Pageant. Yes, I did just say “Miss” as in females. See fellas, there are these things called ‘women’ (which are opposite of us). We naturally repulse them with gas, wiffleball, drunk dials, movie quotes, and the fact that we can legitimately name all the members of the California Angels squad on RBI Baseball. I realize that many of our readers may be more familiar with Ted Power’s ERA for the 1990 Cardinals than what a hot chick looks like. Let me get you up to speed on that what's hot and what's not classification…

Now that we have that covered...we already have Bertflex, and it is now time for MissFlex. Get your wife, girlfriend, mistress, hot friends, or random bar whores to pop on a Bertflex.com jersey and snap a picture. Don’t have a jersey? No problem! Just have the hottie hold up a random sign about one of the Bertflex writers (example: “I gave Tony the Heisman at Bertflex.com”, “Big Sandwich is still a virgin”, “York Hearts Roy Williams”, or Shaun’s favorite “I’m too young for Tony”). This can definitely spice up a lame night at the bar, plus it gives you the chance to make small talk with a hottie. It’s “Girls Gone Wild”, only with a more pathetic Joe Francis!

You can email the pictures to bertflexdotcom@yahoo.com. We will vote in a few different categories to crown MissFlex; hotness, drunkenness, great quotes on signs, and we will compact it down to a top three or four for you to vote on later. The person who submitted the winning photo will receive a gift basket full of goodies/random bowl, courtesy of myself.

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