Bertflex Night at Dave & Buster's

There was one ugly showing of Bertflexian's during my trip back to the 'Lou, all commensurating at Dave & Buster's in Maryland Heights. All the pictures are loaded in the Bertflex Photo Gallery, but lets share some of the better moments.

Sir's clinic on the Dance Dance Revolution machine was a classic. Granted, I have never tried DDR, I don't understand DDR, and I have no need to ever do DDR. There is video of TP's DDR moves, so if you want it, leave your name on the comments screen, and I'll get it to you. I've never seen the use of a metal pole like that without throwing money on stage.

Shaun is hands down the "Pop a Shot" king. Some advice to Wise Lebron: Watchout! While I was fairly drunk and ended up throwing headfakes on the machine, Shaun decided to throw down 73. Sick...

On the flipside of being good, TP's showing on the football toss machine was awful. Another video is available. I think an RZ Trainer might be under the Christmas tree in the Pellegrino household. PS...Tom Emanski won't be calling after seeing that aim. Watching Josh throw southpaw on the machine was pretty amusing too. Did I say I was drunk?

I ended up getting faded quickly. Throwing back big mugs of beer did help me get down on the mallet pounding machine. More beer also made me repulse/hit on some decent looking chicks on the Trivia Game. Unbelievably, the girl and I ended up winning and screwing the rest of Bertflex out of some more tickets for prizes. And about those prizes? Poker set, D&B ashtray, some shitty baseball cards, a Tyler Johnson plaque (sounds like a name of a disease that will be around, i.e. 'Lou Gehrig's Disease'), and an Adam Wainwright card from Spring Training.

The best part may have come after Sandwich and I took the Regal Beagle by storm. I 'played' darts ('play' is a strong word. More like 'laid down and died'), drank more, and ended up getting some free drinks from the fatty bartender because there were three guys scarier than us in there and she didn't want to be left alone. When I'm in the bar late, I'm usually the creepy guy that she's wanting to get rid of, so a switcherroo wasn't so bad for once. It's like Freaky Friday and I left my body for once! With a game of 20 Questions, I also figured out that one of my best friends took the fatty bartender home. YIKES!! Oh, St. Louis, how I miss thee. Oh, and I'm still scarred by what I caught Brian from 'Family Guy' doing at D&B...

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