Your New Hero

I know that many of our supporters enjoy a cold brew every now and again (and again). In fact, it may shock you to learn that a few of our contributors have been known to get really drunk at wedding receptions, but I'm not in the business of naming names, Josh. To the left, I present, your newest hero. Undetered by the small glasses of beer provided to him, this dude takes beer drinking to its logical conclusion. While I applaud him for that, I can neither confirm nor deny if he is related to Tony Siragusa.

I now issue a challenge to any BertFlex drinkers out there. I think that the "Waterfall" method employed by our friend here has a chance to revolutionize the drinking industry as we know it. I'm willing to offer a reward of $10 to the first of our contributors or friends of the site who can successfully Waterfall 4 beers to completion. In fact, if you decide to take the challenge while we're doing one of our remotes, I'll even pay for the 4 beers provided that you succeed in your mission. And if you're real crazy and think you can do 5, there may be a BertFlex.com jersey in it for you.

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