Let's Read Larry Coker's Mail...

November 29, 2006

Dear University of Miami,

You have been invited to THE MOST raucous, ass-kicking, earth-shattering event of the year: The MPC Computers Bowl! One month from now, your school's football team has the opportunity to make history by participating in the most important bowl game ever to be played with the title "MPC Computers" in it! Just think about the excitement that this historic event will bring to your athletic community.

To show how serious we are about extending this invitation to you, we did our research. It shows that your team has played in bowl games in the past, some of which had National Championship implications. And about 40% of the National Football League is made up of Miami alumni.

The difference between those teams and this year's team is that they will never, ever, have the life-changing experience of playing in the MPC Computers Bowl on December 31st. Only elite programs like your 6-6 Hurricanes are considered for such honors.

Some of the aforementioned players have gone home with rings and bags of money after winning their respective bowl games. But if you can withstand the challenge laid out by Nevada (8-4), we will proudly honor every member of your team with a free weekend pass to the 2007 MPC Computers Convention.

If that is not enough incentive to accept this invitation, the game will be played in Boise, ID, where the average high temperature on New Year's Eve is 35 degrees. If that isn't perfect football weather, we don't know what is. Also the stadium that you'll be playing at features blue astroturf. Yes, blue! It's like you are playing in the future. The fuuuuturree...

Please respond to this invitation at your earliest convenience. Most collegiate teams in Division I and a lot from Division II would jump at this opportunity. Contact our service hotline at 877-894-5695 and hold on the line until we take your call.


your friends at MPC Computers, LLC

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