The Game vs. The Game-uhhhh

One of our BertFlex colleagues, Hollywood, sent me an email about this interview from Rap Reviews' website. It was a one-on-one with The Game, west coast rapper and former member of (J-J-Juh) G-Unit.

I was wondering why Matt would send me an article from rapreviews.com; about halfway through I found out. To save you the pain and suffering that comes with reading any article about The Game, here is a little snippet of that interview:

Adam Bernard: I read something the other day that I'm not sure if I really believe. Is WWE superstar Triple H really suing you over your name?

Game: Yeah, Triple H is tryin to sue me for "The Game." I think that we should just take it to Pay Per View and have a wrestling match, man, so I can fuck him up because I'm not into that whole play wrestling thing. We can really take it to the streets, we can wrestle right in the middle of Compton. We can put up a makeshift ring made out of shoestrings and light posts. I'll get in there and body slam his ass all over the place for the name.

My first thought was about how much of an ass Triple H is. Besides sucking the life out of the WWF/WWE since around 2001, he feels that he is so important, no one else can use the phrase "The Game." At least without paying up. Obviously we have never heard of the phrase "The Game" before HHH began using the gimmick. Obviously.

Right around that time (2001), HHH began a string of world title reigns that disappointed many wrestling fans (like myself) and eventually made it okay to look for something else to do on Monday nights. This no doubt includes the old "Let's create a second championship belt and just give it to HHH" trick the WWE pulled in September of 2002.

Besides all the in-ring sucking HHH has done over the years, he's also married to Vince McMahon's daughter, Stephanie. That means, if he doesn't screw things up, he's set to inherit a jillion dollars when Vince clocks out. Okay, enough ranting for now, you get the point: HHH sucks.

Back to this lawsuit with The Game (rapper). Instead of using a lame, thugged out picture of The Game, here is a photo from his appearance on Change of Heart a few years ago.

If the quote above wasn't enough, The Game gives a little more insight on the world of wrestling. (Warning: he says wrestling is fake!):

AB: Were you ever a wrestling fan? Does this hurt you at all?

Game: I was a fan of Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan, but these new wrestlers, the guy with the rappin thing with the spinnin belt and shit? I don't know about all these guys. There's too much fake shit. It was fake back in the day but at least they made it real. Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man and all them motherfuckers, Sting and Lex Luger, Ric Flair, but these new motherfuckers, these Triple H's and these...I don't even know nobody else's name in the new shit.

Well stated. Hogan and Warrior and "them motherfuckers" made it real. Yeah.

But wait, there's more. He referenced wrassler/movie star guy who was in a movie John Cena in that little rant.

AB: So could you see yourself battling John Cena, the aforementioned wrestler who rhymes?

Game: I'd kick his ass.

AB: You know he's beefin with Kevin Federline on RAW.

Game: I might come on one day and just fuck him up for Kevin, like don't be fuckin with us man. Kevin Federline is good in the hood to me, man. I smoked with a blunt with him before. Good folks.

And thus concludes the worst moment in rapper interview history. Nicely done.

One thing this lawsuit does, it proves once again that wrestlers aren't nearly as important as they think they are. Another dispute is going on between former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page and Jay-Z (Hov!) over the use of the "diamond" hand symbol. About a year ago this lawsuit was announced, but I cannot find any updates on the situation. Here is a link to allhiphop.com about the suit, which is where I go for all my hip hop news. Using my extensive marketing/PR background, it is also possible that this was a publicity stunt because at the time DDP had a yoga book coming out; I'm not making that up.

And recently Jay-Z used the hand signal in his HP laptop commercial, so everything must be okay for now. As a side note, it is also used by Chiefs RB Larry Johnson, and two white guys at a bowling alley. Their faces have been covered up to protect them from possible lawsuits too. Especially the guy on the right--he likes to jack cars.


Dallas J. Hawk said...

That was an awesome interview. K Fed is good people. WTF!

Zenola said...

The Rapper needs to shut up - he is apparently an ignorant piece of crap who only saw a very small amount of success. Nobody would even know about his album if it wasn't for 50 cents. And him saying wrestlers aren't important -
more people pay to see wrestlers every week than to go to dumb rap concerts. Triple H would SLAUGHTER him in and outside the ring. He already slaughters him when it comes to looks. This rapper fool doesn't know what its like to be in the spotlight all the time likes wrestlers and by the way where is his album on the charts!?! LOL