What ever happened to...

Don West (aka "The Baseball Card Guy"). Don West was great entertainment after a long night at the bars in college (and the hero of many a 10 year old). West sold baseball, football, and basketball cards on home shopping television networks throughout the late '90s and early 2000's. West paired with his partner Kenny, who never made an appearance on set, just on the phone. West seemed to be a lovechild of John Belushi and Chris Farley on a mix of Red Bull and cocaine. He would damn near have a heart attack after finding an Emmitt Smith refractor or Peyton Manning insert card. West coined such great screaming phrases as "GEM MINT TEN!!!" and "COME ON PEOPLE, BE SMART. BUY MORE THAN ONE!!!" When Donnie Ballgame came on at 3am and you were faded, the two best ideas were to buy two Billy "Fuck Face" Ripken Fleer '88 cards and go to Hardees.

You need a refresher on Don West?

Unfortunately, Don and Kenny got busted for a phony card ring (you can't make this stuff up) and Don is now the head announcer for TNA wrestling on Spike TV. Kenny has never been heard from again.

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