It's a Skanksgiving Miracle!

The best day on the calendar is always Thanksgiving Eve.

At least to slutty college girls.

Oh, and the Bertflex staff.

Last night was the first ever "Skanksgiving Celebration" experienced by Tony, Justin, Josh, and myself. I first heard the phrase from local sports radio/internet guy Tim McKernan. Skanksgiving derives from the skanky college girls who come back to St. Louis for Thanksgiving weekend and go out to bars and clubs on Thanksgiving Eve--and getting BOOZED UP! Luckily lots of unattractive guys are there to pick up these drunken females, have a night of fun, and never ever see them again.

Until the next Skanksgiving.

Our night started at the Pin-Up Bowl in the Loop. After looking real tough and cool, while bowling some solid low-100 games, we moved on to Skanksgiving Headquarters, downtown St. Louis.

Al Hrabosky's to be exact. The party was on!

Within seconds of entering the building, we saw Mayor McSkank grinding on some guy...40 feet from the dance floor. Needless to say it was an awesome night. Be sure to check the photo gallery. Seriously, do yourself a favor and check it out. Even I got down with some new friends on the dance floor. Oh we were some happenen' fellas! No one Everyone was envious of our dance moves, playerr.

It's hard to recap the specific details of this night, especially the part when Tony tried to jack Josh's car...so let's hear some quotes to sum up the night:

Josh: "Skanks make my dingy excited."

Tony: "If Ida known it was gonna be this kinda party, Ida stuck my dick in the mash potatoes."

Justin: "$13 for two shots of Jaeger and a beer? Goddamn you Al Hraboskyyy!"

Shaun: "Pretending to steal Josh's car in a shady neighborhood is exactly what we should be doing right now."

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