Target.com Item of the Week

While looking through the weekly Target ad for the new PS2 and DVD releases, I came across this item in the bottom corner of one of the pages:

Ben Wallace Inflatable Defender

Oh what a great day in bertflex-land. This may be the target.com item of the millennium before it's all said and done. We can finally play basketball with a plastic, blow-up version of Big Ben Wallace! The price tag is a hefty $49.99, but think of all the fun you will have with this in your driveway.

Not sold yet? Here is the official description from target.com:

Fear the Fro! (*side note: YES!) If you play hoops, or just watch them, you know the Fro—Ben Wallace, 3-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year, NBA All-Star, and member of the NBA championship team in 2004. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, this life-size (84" tall!) Ben Wallace inflatable can help you pump up your basketball skills practicing jump shots over him, dribbling around him, rebounding and shooting near him, and more. Made of thick PVC material, the inflatable has 2 handles for easy movement and comes with a repair kit. For ages 6–14 yrs. maximum weight limit of 200 lbs. Assembly required (tools not included).

There you have it. This is officially the best gift ever. Be sure to buy a bunch of these for all your friends at Christmas, including myself. Taking it a step further, I'm considering buying one for Beth and Thomas' wedding this Saturday. Cookware and bed sheets are lame gifts, Ben Wallace is the way to go!

If this couldn't get any better, there is a second photo of the Ben Wallace Inflatable Defender "in action" on target.com. It features the real Ben Wallace going up against the plastic one! I know he's not known for his offensive abilities, but look at the confusion on the real Ben's face. He seriously has no clue what to do without Chauncey Billups around. Poor guy, you'd think he'd dribble around himself or something.

I think it's only a matter of time before video of suburban white guys posterizing Big Ben pop up on youtube. I cannot make any promises that it won't be us.


big sandwich said...

It's funny that you posted this, because I noticed it as well and got a good laugh out of it. This gives us even more reason to FINALLY make the "make'm say ughhh" video that has been in the works for a decade.

Anonymous said...

Flops less than Vlade Divac in the lane.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed the "life sized" portion of the ad. If that is life sized, why is the real Ben Wallace about 8 inches shorter against his blow up self?

By the way, Justin's mom invited me to the wedding. As hard as it is to miss, I wouldn't want to ruin Beth's day. Funny that Shaun mentions a blow up Ben Wallace for a gift. I guess that can go with her half ownership of the basketball hoop from J-Ro's old crib and the set of fishing poles. Kind of an inside joke that made Beth hate me a lot more.

Anonymous said...

matt (hollywood) is our film/video expert...matt do you have any desire to film some white guys dunking over a blowup doll on an 8 foot high hoop with rap music playing in the background??

it would be a great project, possibly jump-starting your career.