One Year Anniversary Party

Alright y'all, the time has come to celebrate the first birthday of BertFlex.com. Friday night, November 10th the Bert Flex crew will be taking to the streets to commemorate our first year of being idiots on the internets. And since one year for a blog is like 21 in "internet years," we decided that Josh has to drink like it's his 21st birthday, since websites can't drink. If you will be in the STL friday night and are down for some party, put a comment on here and we'll do it up. Plans will follow in the comments once we figure out who's coming and what we're doing.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i propose one or more of the following:

-BBQ at someone's place

-dave and some busta's

-pink galleon (haven't been there in a while)

-i'm sure larry flint's hustler club has lapdance specials for internet blog owners.