The Corn Commies

Today was my second game attended at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. I got to see my beloved Missouri Tigers against my mortal enemy, the Nebraska Cornhuskers. As much as I hate Kansas (which I got to see in my first game at Memorial Stadium), since I now live in Nebraska, and hear about Nebraska football 365 days a year, I hate the Huskers thismuchmore.

This game brought out all the stars from Nebraska, including my tailgating friend former MTV VJ Bryan McFaden (who was shithoused by 8:45 in the am) and Nebraska's favorite son, Larry the Cable Guy.

I sat in my Chase Daniel jersey, hoping that I would be "That Guy". "That Guy" is better known as the person that will show up wearing a Sammy Sosa jersey and sit in the bleachers at Busch (during a game against the Dodgers) and bitch about Anheuser Busch and promote Old Style instead. Yeah, a total dick. Instead, I got called an asshole and got ridiculed by everyone in attendance, which I expected with the ass whipping we ended up taking. Instead of a 14 point loss, it felt more like a mid-90's 42-10 beatdown. But the worst part of the entire day? I received my three tickets for the Big XII Title Game in KC after the game. DAMMIT! But I did take some sweet pictures from the game, including a Hall of Fame worthy Gross Jersey. Enjoy!

Larry the Cable Guy gettin' something done

Is that a roll of dollar bills in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

Mr. Heisman, Eric Crouch. Gross.

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hazelwood's most wanted said...

i think technically being "that guy" would have been wearing a ricky williams texas jersey, complaining about the barbeque.

but i'm glad you represented, big head.

i'm no tiger fan, but i'm guessing they are a little less delusional than cornhusker fans. i bet they are still stuck in a mid-90's timewarp somewhere.