Beth and Thomas' Wedding Predictions

As most of the Bertflex crew knows, Big Sandwich's sister is having her big day this Saturday. Besides the honor of hanging out with some of this websites' finest gentlemen, she is also getting married! Her soon-to-be husband happens to be a friend of the site, Thomas Richards. Most fantasy sports experts have a hard time convincing someone of the female gender to marry him, but somehow Thomas did it. One would hope that he writes a book someday explaining his secrets.

Here's an early congrats to the couple and we'll see you in a few days.

Now on to the stuff that we are all horrible at: predictions. I know the Cardinal prediction thread during the playoffs pretty much tanked, but I have confidence this one will be more successful. Feel free to leave your wedding predictions in the comments section. Maybe you have an inkling that a lot of Top Gun high five/low fives will be delivered? Maybe you think Big Sandwich will be so destroyed that he'll have to be taken home from the reception on Monday. Or, going out on a limb, maybe you think Ben will do something stupid and awesome at the same time? I'll get the ball rolling with the first comment. Also be sure to harass the guy in the photo below to wear the white suit. It needs to be there.

See my hand? It is saying "this guy...this is the guy right here."


hazelwood's most wanted said...

I know this one may be a little difficult, but it is customary for me and tony to play video games during a party. i think we can pull it off.

Big Head said...

Damn, I wish I hadn't taken basically every Saturday off since August. It's my turn to work, but yet I love degenerate gambling.

I'm going to say there will be money leaving hands on Sandwich crying, Pam Rohour crying (easy bet, not good odds against), who gets the shittiest, and I'm going to say there will be a game of either a) Quarters or b) Flip-Cup being played.

Dallas J. Hawk said...

I would put money on Tony eating the most food is there any real challengers?

Justin will drink the most because that is what he does although Ben could give him a run for his money. Somebody better get that man a cab.

Everybody get really shitty for me. I will be at a wedding in Witchta so that will be interesting.

sir said...

Early Betting Lines for the Wedding

Worst Dancer:
Justin pays 6:1
Tony pays 5:1
Thomas pays 4:1
Shaun pays 3:1
Josh pays Even
Beth pays 10:1

Most Drunkered:
Justin pays 2:1
Josh pays 3:2
Thomas pays 8:1
Shaun pays 1,000,000:1

Over-under on plates of food from the buffet:
Justin 2
Tony 2
Josh 4.5
Shaun 5.5

"Best" dressed:
Thomas pays Even
Justin pays 2:1
Tony pays 2:1
Shaun pays 8:1
Josh pays 100:1

Spread on Josh v. Justin in beers drank:
Josh(-2) over Justin(home)

Spread on Josh v. Justin in beers worn:
Josh(-0.5) over Justin(home)

hazelwood's most wanted said...

tony, i know i've been on top of my game the past couple months, but 5.5 plates? damn. i'll have to buy beth and thomas a better gift if i eat that much food.

the 'beers drank' line is tough. i think on a neutral site, josh wins this one hands down. but as you mentioned, justin is at home and will have a head start on josh. howevuh, when it comes to drinking contest gambling, i always have to go with the more reliable drinker. one of these days he could lose, but i don't expect it yet in his prime.

josh is like the '72 dolphins of drinking, there i said it.

likes to fight guy said...

I'm going to say there will be money leaving hands on Sandwich crying

oh don't worry...he will be crying