NLCS Prediction Post!

Today is the day we've been waiting for since April: the Cardinals vs. Mets showdown in the NLCS. We all kind of figured the Mets would take the path they did to get here. But no one could have predicted the rediculous journey the Cardinals have taken since those early season games this past spring.

We were looking forward to the great pitching matchups for games 1 & 2: Carpenter vs. Pedro and Mulder vs. Glavine. Oh, how the times have changed. Weaver vs. Glavine and Suppan vs. Maine doesn't have the same mystique to it, but we'll still be watching.

So what do the experts say? Naturally they're picking the Mets. The teams on the field have nothing to do with it, the media says the Mets will win because they are a bunch of east-coast loving jerks. At least that's what the "Best Fans In Baseball" will tell you.

But I agree with the east-coast guys, and I'd like to know your thoughts too.

I always hate seeing the Cardinals go home empty handed in the playoffs (96/00/01/02/04/05 anyone?), but I predict that they will lose this series in six. The way I see it playing out is that we take one of the first two in New York, come back for a Carpenter victory in game three, and then go in the tank. Unfortunately the rotation couldn't be set up for Carp's second start coming earlier than game 7. It is possible for him to pitch on three days rest for game 6, I'd be curious to see what LaRussa does in that situation. Luckily Andy Benes is on stand-by if we need him.

Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section. And I will try to be back and do some hardcore (and by that I mean "terrible") analysis of each game.

In the meantime, bust out your parent's "Mets Are Pond Scum" t-shirts and enjoy the series!

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