Crazy Day In The NYC

Okay, well...Tuesday night I expected to write something about game 1 of the NLCS, but that idea got washed away after all the rain in New York on Wednesday. The rain is still supposed to continue a bit today, how-evuh, I think game 1 will be played as scheduled. If not, let's hope for the most awesome doubleheader ever on Friday!

But I doubt that would be approved by the braintrust at Major League Baseball.

Nonetheless, the Cardinals/Mets rainout paled in comparison to the Cory Lidle tragedy that occurred yesterday afternoon. Going from "possible terrorist attack" to "accidental plane crash" to "oh shit, it's Cory Lidle's plane" made for an interesting span of four hours. Feel free to check out credible news sources on this story, as we send our thoughts and prayers to the Lidle family.

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