Let's Hear It For The Turf Monster!

If you thought there couldn't possibly be any more breaks that could go our way, game four proved you wrong...a lot.

Game five is tonight (Verlander vs. Weaver) at Busch. Right now I really am speechless. There is so much that I'd like to say about game four, but I just cannot believe the situation we are in right now.

I know it will be said a million times if the Cardinals win this, but going from the off-season garbage signings of Junior Spivey, Ricardo Rincon, Larry Bigbie (via trade), etc.--the Busch Stadium garage sale scam--to the great start in April and May--then the interleague play disasters--the multiple injuries to pretty much everyone--the lack of impact moves at the trade deadline--to the sub .500 ball down the stretch--to the blown lead in the Central division, only to win it because of a John Smoltz victory on the last day of the season--and now this?? A 3-1 lead in the World F'n Series?! I don't want to get ahead of myself, but with all the crap listed above, we deserve this.

With all the disappointments of '96, 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2005--we deserve this.

Let's win one more before the fight starts.

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