How To Waste Your Wednesday

I hope you weren't planning on buying The War At Home season two DVD, because you saw all you needed to last night!

Mother nature wasn't too kind to the Cardinals again this postseason, and game four will be played Thursday night. We did get a sneak peek at the lineup. For some reason, Preston Wilson is playing vs. the righty Bonderman instead of the Speezer (actually the reason is for defensive purposes...yes, that's sad). There is a possibility of another rainout on Thursday, so once again check with our buddy Paul Goodloe at www.weather.com for those outside of the STL.

If you were stuck in a bar on Wednesday night, there was a good chance that the alternate sporting event on television was the riveting NBA pre-season matchup between the Rockets and Heat. I casually watched this game and it was agonizing. Yes, pre-season basketball should be agonizing, but this was dreadfully agonizing. And the sad part was that one of the teams on the floor are the reigning champions. I should be in a better mood because Shaq and the cops were unable to track me down the other day, and my days of being a kiddie porn ringleader continue! You can't find me Shaq, I'm too quick. You probably cannot believe how slow you are.

Menu: We wasted a perfectly good half price appetizer night on some pre-season NBA crap? T-Ravs, Cheese Sticks, Mini Tacos, Potato Skins, and Quesadillas made an appearance last night. And Josh was given a free bucket of Rolling Rock. For all that he has done for the beer community over the years, Josh deserved it. Consider that like a lifetime achievement award or something.

See you tomorrow with a recap of game four...hopefully.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a little War at Home fact for you; the mom is from St. Louis. The fact that I know that proves that I am a loser.