Hey, We Quit Sucking for a Week

When the playoff matchup was set last Sunday, many San Diego Padres fans and media were penciling themselves into the NLCS vs. either the Mets or Dodgers. I couldn't imagine why; we stumbled into the playoffs, had a bunch of key players injured (theoretically Izzy and Mulder should be key players), and had Jeff Weaver starting game two.

But lo and behold, this Cardinal team keeps shocking us. They didn't light the scoreboard on fire by any means, but they came out on top in 3 out of 4 games vs. the Padres. The Cardinal pitching (especially the bullpen) really stepped up and turned out to be a pleasant surprise this week.

Unfortunately that could all change Wednesday. Good luck to Bert and the Azzkickers against the Mets.

As a sidenote, there were plenty of nasty jerseys in attendance last night. But for some reason, this was my favorite: two people on a bus wearing Tony Womack jerseys. I'm not sure why this amuses me. Except for the fact that there are two people on a bus...and they are wearing Tony Womack jerseys.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure those aren't Al Womack jerseys?(Alton Boys and Girls Club Director and one ginormous person)

Let's just hope Bertflex has worked off the hangover, as we see he's triple fisting it. Also, SportsCenter made the comment after looking at LaRussa with the towel on his head that "all he needs is a camel". I can see Bristol being wiped off the map in the next couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

While we are in the middle of "Return Week", when will TP show up?

No "Who's Shitty" for football? That's like Mike Shannon without alcohol in his system! It just doesn't happen.

Dallas J. Hawk said...

The stat of the series

With four of the seven relievers who worked in the series appearing in postseason play for the first time, Cardinals relievers fired 13 1/3 consecutive scoreless innings. This has never happened in division-series play in either league.

I hope they don't read the names on the back of those jersey's for at least a few more weeks.