Ha Ha Ha, Me So Funny

Okay, so I put my entry into the Snappy Headline Contest...but at least mine was halfway offensive.

What a way to win game 2! It would have been real easy to pack this one in after Carp's "Marquis-esque" performance. But these guys kept fighting back and were able to put away the Mets and their shaky bullpen 9-6. Who knew Billy Wagner would all of a sudden turn into Brad Lidge? Oops, didn't mean to say that out loud...

You've got to be pleased coming back home with one victory in New York. With no day of rest, be sure to check out game 3 on Saturday night, live from Busch.

I'll be back tomorrow with a more extensive recap and a few more thoughts about the series. As for now, this is all you need to know:

Turning Point of the Game: Me falling asleep in the eighth inning, and sleeping through the Cardinals' three-run ninth. That's what I call "strategery."

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