Baby, Let's Not Talk About This...

If Dan McLaughlin were here, he'd give the Cardinals a moral victory for game 1.

I mean, Jeff Weaver giving up 2 runs in 5 2/3 against the Mets' lineup? Typically that is asking a lot. But he did it. It was unfortunate that the Cardinals did absolutely nothing on offense to help him out, but once again we are burned by a soft tossing lefty.

Besides that, we got to witness many horrendous attempts to hit a baseball by Scott Rolen. I think it was the right move to start him Thursday. You have to go with the A-squad in game 1. But Rolen failed, and Spiezio has to be in the lineup for game 2. It's bad enough that Edmonds and Charlie Murphy aren't hitting the ball for power, but Rolen needs to get a quick hook here. And hopefully Chris Duncan can bring something to the table vs. John Maine.

Here is a half-assed recap of game 1, in case you missed it:

Hey _____ You're Not as Good of a Baserunner as Everyone Says You Are: (whispers) Albert...sorry, sorry guys.

Why is _______ Still in the League?: Jose Valentin!

Game 1 Menu: Two hamburgers, featuring my friend...bacon. And some Jack in the Box Bacon Cheddar Potato Wedges. Yes, bacon made a great cameo appearance at the party.

Shoulda Listened to Me Moment: Bottom 6, Jeff Weaver grooves one to Beltran and he fouls it back. After a huge sigh of relief, I said "Please don't throw that again." He did. Game Over.

What Else is on TV??: I was shocked that ESPN didn't pack it in Thursday. They had college football on, although it seems like there has been a college football game on every day of the week lately. ESPN2 comes "strong" with some StrongMan Competition! Ohh yeahhh. And FSN Midwest really packed it in by showing the Blues/Bruins game. Come on FSN, at least put on something watchable, like gymnastics.

Turning Point of the Game: David Eckstein had a perfect opportunity to clock Carlos Delgado in the face during the 8th inning. He did not do it. I hope he gets benched for not being a team player.

Billy Wagner is Good: Agreed, let's try not to face him anymore this series.

Post-Game Coverage: Jeff Brantley is dumb, John Kruk owns a pink shirt, Mark Schlereth loves FOOTBALL, Tim Kurkjian needs to have his "Man" card revoked, Mark Messier has a boooring interview on Quite Frankly until he starts talking about his new endorsement deal with Cold-FX. Yeah...

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