And so it begins:
The Cardinals vs. Tigers talk.

With a "commanding" 2-1 series lead, you'll be sure to hear many St. Louisans speculate on the possible '68 World Series rematch. Not so fast, I say. Remember, this is the 2006 Cardinals we're talking about. Luckily for us it is impossible to go on another seven game losing streak this season. The Redbirds must take care of business in game four, Sunday night at Busch. Former "future superstar" Oliver Perez takes on rookie Anthony Reyes. Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan are always cautious with their young pitchers, and this situation is no different. Reyes hasn't started since his brief appearance in the last game of the season vs. the Brewers. He got lit up that day, and couldn't make it out of the first. If he can give us a Jeff Weaver start (5 or 6 good innings, then YANK), I'm very confident about game four. Thanks to Jeff Suppan, the bullpen is fresh, and everyone is ready to bail the young righty out of trouble if need be.

As for Saturday, while the offense was on fire early, the biggest part of game three was the game plan Duncan had set up, along with Yadi Molina calling a great game behind the plate. Oh yeah, and Mr. Suppan hitting his spots and making this Mets lineup look horrible helped out a bit too. But it only takes one night for those guys to turn it around, so Dunc and Molina have to work a little more magic for Reyes to get the W on Sunday.

I am pretty pumped up about this team now, and they have made a total 180 degree turn from how they were playing just a couple weeks ago. Many fans were openly rooting against these guys to NOT make the playoffs. Welcome back to the bandwagon, my friends. I won't be talking about how we matchup against the Tigers just yet, but I will say that I like our chances in game four vs. the Mets.

Awesome News to Find Out While Writing this Article: Steve "Psycho" Lyons was fired by Fox after Friday's ALCS game. Why? He hates dem Mexicans...stealin' all 'ar jobs!

Menu: An amazing amount of fried shrimp, thank you Red Lobster.

Key Moment: Another clutch two out hit by the Speezer in the first (bold move by Tony going with him, Jimmy, and Wilson in the outfield).

Turning Point of the Game: A few days ago, when it was announced Steve Trachsel would pitch game three.

'Who Are These Guys' Moment: The defense was in shutdown mode all night. We expect the big plays from Rolen, but I loved Preston Wilson gunning out Valentin at second base.

Not So Fast Giving Preston Wilson Any Love: Remember Pujols' hit in the first inning? He hit a little dribbler into right field and P-Dubs didn't go first to third on Shawn Green's girlie arm. As we found out after that happened, don't make Bert mad...he will give you the look of death.

My Theory of the Night: Fox has Ryan Seacrest interview each player in a beauty salon, and finds out some super cool fun facts. Did you know Jose Valentin likes surfing and basketball? How about Nick Swisher--his favorite wrassler is Stone Cold Steve Austin. This sets up a new show this winter, starring Seacrest and Jim Edmonds: "Girl Talk."

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Dallas J. Hawk said...

It was nice to see Suppan have another great game in the postseason. I am certainly not ready to say this is over but things are looking better. It is amazing what happens when we actually put some good at bats together and not swing at crap. I am however worried about tonights game because we don't hit left handed pitching well. Shitty Darren Oliver shut us down last night. I was one of the three people who still beileved we had a chance in the playoff because there is not much pressure on us to win.

I am glad Fox fired Lyons eventhough they had the wrong reason. I could care less if he talks shit on Mexicans at least he knows something about that. The real reason should have been that he is dead weight in the booth and has sucked for the past 8 years.