Bertflex Death Pool 2006

There has been some interest shown in a bertflex death pool. No, we aren't picking when Tony will choke on Gooey Butter Cake or when Justin will finally end things after yet another "Wait 'till next year" Cubs season. Odds on that can be found down at the Alton Belle. I'm talking death pool.

Four catagories; musician, actor, politician, and rich person. We could go with five and throw athlete in as well.

Since some of us live around the great US of A, I think we should just email our pick in or just attach them as a comment. If you want in, just say yes and we can come up with some monetary amount to throw down on hopes of the grim reaper visiting. Don't send your picks just yet. If we have enough people in the pool, then we can get the go ahead.


Anonymous said...

i'm in. i think a live draft would be awesome. not everyone would have to be at the same place, but we could use cell phones and instant messenger to make it work.

oh, and the people drafting from the STL will have a podium present. maybe even paul tagliabue if he's not busy.

Anonymous said...

Kind of ironic that you say "live" draft when we are picking people that we hope will deep six in a little while.

Annie Fresh said...

um, hell yes.