The Dangers of "Blades of Steel"

It's fantasy draft weekend here at bertflex. To kick things off, we had "Nintendo Night," featuring everyone's favorite 8 bit system from 20 years ago.

A lot of baseball games were played, but we were also able to squeeze in Blades of Steel. In case you were wondering, Blades of Steel ruins friendships, tears families apart, and is a danger to society as a whole.

If you disagree, I encourage you to look at the evidence below. Part one of the pictures are in the photo gallery, with more to come later this weekend. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

You need an RBI Baseball tourney. Blades of Steel is a sweet game, but I don't think anything beats Tecmo Super Bowl (or just the regular game) and RBI Baseball. But when I think Blades of Steel, I always try to make out what the hell they say at the very beginning after the metal chings. You can tell it's some japanese guy trying to say "Blades" or something like that.