Who wants to be gross.......again!

The big sandwich receives a monthly online newsletter from St. Louis' "other beer maker" Schlafly, mostly because I want to know what seasonal beers they have on tap and to see if there are any cool boozing events. I feel it is my duty to inform those not in-the-loop about Bertflex's next official outting. August 4th and 5th the Schlafly Tap Room is hosting Schlaffenfest! I know it's going to be damn hot, but this is well worth the trip! Those in attendence will be treated to: a hoosier fashion show (stay with me here) , an insult/kissing booth hosted by the Arch Rival Rollergirls, German-style food and beer, an air guitar contest, and the coup de grace ...... a gooey butter cake eating contest! See you there.

"Hello, I am gooey butter cake, a.k.a GBC, a.k.a the inevitable downfall of all man"

Lets take a quick look at Bertflex's St. Louis Staff and see how they stack up against the GBC.

Jah Slowness- a.k.a Maltliquorman- "wmmf, I , cmmmn haff fhhhhg rofffff...GULP...... AAAAAAAHHHH MORE FOOOOOOD!"

Shaun- a.k.a hazelwood's most wanted- "Slow and steady is the key. With 3 helpings of GBC a day, my mother has conditioned me all my life for this very moment. I cannot fail."

T.P.- a.k.a Sir- "Can we put the GBC in-between two Krispy Kreme donuts? GBC is overrated, I had him on my fantasy team last year and he was HOR-I-BUL!"

Justin- a.k.a big sandwich- "With all the beer I'm going to be taking down, somebody make sure I don't end up near the Roller Girls kissing booth!"


Anonymous said...

In Shaun's picture, your boy Josh's shirt mixes into the couch like he's turning cameleon with the couch. Sweet. I love Gooey butter cake. I will actually probably be back in the STL in a week and a half. Job interview with get this...Mississippi Regional Blood Center. They need some marketing guru, so I'm guessing my resume slipped thru the cracks. I may be up for a Cards game if they are in town on Tuesday.

Dallas J. Hawk said...

You are some fat dudes!

Annie Fresh said...

how do you think a big fat piece of GBC would do sanwiched in between 2 burgers and 2 chocolate chip cookies?! fattest. ra. ever.

sir said...

Not that it matters, but i thought it was interesting that when i checked the hit counter for this site just now, the count was #755. Hank Aaron's probably rolling over in his grave as we speak.