Best Baseball Card Ever

I wish to submit this card as the greatest baseball card photo ever. This is Todd Jones' rookie card with the Astros. The trifecta of shirt, chains and mustache make this card nearly unbeatable. I want to see anyone find a better card than this. For the record, Todd Jones is a closer for the best team in baseball, wrote for the website sportingnews.com, and has this as his rookie card. I've talked a lot of shit on you in the past but Todd Jones, you win at life.

I also want to congratulate the boys at ThePhatPhree.com for putting together the "Is This Guy Still Playing?" Team, a topic that we always seem to talk about but are always to lazy to actually create. They've managed to pair everyone in the article with some nasty baseball card from the 80's or 90's. They seem like people we would like to go out drinking with.

Now you know the answer to "Who has the best baseball card ever?" and the answer is "Todd Jones, and he had a mustache."


Dallas J. Hawk said...

That card is pimp. Todd Jones earned a lot of respect from me last year for his great closing for my fantasy team. Did anyone else check out that all old team? That was a great team but I think that they forgot Rondell White but maybe he wasn't old enough for that team.

Anonymous said...

That all old team was pretty good. Griffey shouldn't be on there. I agree, I didn't know Rondell White was still in the league. They should have just shown a picture of Ruben Sierra and Julio Franco's RBI player. That would have said enough. I think those two and the Rocket are the only three left off RBI.
A couple others could have been Greg Maddux, Troy Percival, and Tim Salmon.