What ever happened to...

Brock Olivo? Olivo was the Mizzou running back in the mid-90's when Mizzou was TERRIBLE, except for his senior year. Olivo appeared in one bowl, the '98 Holiday Bowl. It was Larry Smith's only bowl appearance with Mizzou, and it also happened to be the year that Scott Frost's kicked pass to Matt Davidson saved the Huskers in Columbia.

Olivo is an interesting individual, basically because he was a white running back. He was very slow, and had to split time with Devin West. Olivo had his number retired in 2003 by the school. Larry Smith had actually promised Olivo that he would get his number retired after the '97 season. This from a school so desperate to their first retired number since Kellen Winslow in 1978. Too bad Smith got 86'd in 2000 in favor of Toledo coach Gary Pinkel, so Olivo almost didn't get to have his number retired. Olivo never gained 1,000 yards in a season, but yet is the school's career rushing leader with 3,026 yards.

So, what ever happened Brock Olivo? After four seasons in the NFL with the Detroit Lions, Olivo quit the NFL in favor of...an Italian Club team. Not futbol, but a football team. Yes, Olivo played for the Ostia Marines. Barely any money, and actually played guitar in a Tom Petty cover band. You can't make this stuff up. Olivo quit football after a season in Italy and now paints fences in Italy, presumably with his hot wife.


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maggie said...

Missouri had two bowl appearances under Larry Smith. They won the Insight.com bowl in 98.