Great Eight

Welcome to a new feature on Bertflex.com--the Great Eight. I have scanned the newspaper, radio, television, and the internets for the most talked about eight stories in the news this week.

Links to these headlines are not provided, and good luck finding them.

But trust me, these will be the most talked about things when you hit the bars this weekend. Peace!


-Even the Miss Universe Pageant Cannot Interrupt Plans For Car Bomb in Baghdad.

-Addition By Subtraction? Bush Contemplating Buying Out Alabama's Contract at the End of the Season; 49 States "Probable."


-Harold Reynolds Fired by bertflex.com for Sexual Harassment

-Amish to St. Louisans: "You Pussies."









-People Magazine Reports Lance Bass is Gay and the Sun is Hot in same Article.

-Rapper Gnarlie Hough not Generating Successful Record Sales like Gnarles Barkley.


-Todd Zeile Feels He Will Be Traded By the July 31st Deadline, Even Though He Does Not Play Anymore.

-Chad Johnson Guarantees 2 TD's vs. the Practice Squad this Sunday; Says Something About A Clown Car Will Be Involved.


big sandwich said...

Almost fell out of my seat upon reading "Gnarlie Hough".

Anonymous said...

The "Gnarlie Hough" part about killed me. I decided to google "Charlie Hough" and I came up with this All-Star lineup to teach your kids how to play ball. I think I've seen most of those mugshots on Dateline stalking kids...


Anonymous said...

that website is great. look at all the cool information i found...

charlie hough: State of Hawaii, Athlete of the Century. (huh?)

tim leary: 1988 Dodger Pitcher of the Year. (according to who?)

mike scott: Giving and receiving golf lessons at El Niguel CC, Laguna Niguel, California. (oh you're just making shit up now!)

Anonymous said...

Charlie Hough: Athlete of the Century only because he pitched for most of the 21st century. Who else could win it? June Jones?

I like Pete O'Brien's picture. Very creepy old guyish, and it reminds me of a tele-evangelist.

Here's the thing that popped out to me, other than Mike Scott giving golf lessons; Matt Sinatro's career numbers: 1981-1992, 140 CAREER games. My math isn't the greatest, probably cause I had York's mom as my teacher, but MLB seasons are 162 games long, so in 12 seasons, Sinatro averaged...about 11 games, or he basically got called up for a road trip every season. And he now he gives lessons to kids?