What in the Hell?

Lets play a quick game of what the hell is Frank White bobblehead holding?

a) A stack of mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
b) A stack of pies
c) A stack of gloves
d) That's actually not Frank White, but a tanned Burt Reynolds

Answer- C. Who knew Frank White had 8 Gold Glove Awards? The fact that he won 8 gloves makes AL teams cringe. I'm guessing Frank White beat a legless Ron Santo in a 40 yd dash and took his Gold Gloves, and then shanked Cal Ripken and stole a few of his. It's funny that it's for the first 20,000 because the Royals could combine an entire series and get maybe 30,000 in three games.

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Dallas J. Hawk said...

Frank White was great defensive player. Maybe you people forgot about those days when the Royals didn't suck, please think far back. He was a key piece in a 10 year run that resulted in 2 World Series apperances and won Championship.