Get'cher Brett Myers Gear!

This has been posted elsewhere on the internets but I figured I would keep up my reputation for being needlessly offensive and post this great picture for those who haven't seen it yet. I hope the Phillies start selling these because I will buy one.

For those who don't know, Phillies pitcher Brett Myers apparently likes to beat his wife and the shirt is called a "wife-beater", get it? Told you it was offensive. It's alright, I'm already going to hell so I'm just taking one for the team.

Credit Dean Miller through UniWatch.


Anonymous said...

I belive this line was dropped in the Extra Innings post...
"Fantasy baseball will make Shaun pound tables and say that Brett Myers sucks
Shaun's "Brett Myers" statement would have been better if he'd pounded his shoe on the table and proclaimed that "Brett Myers sucks! We will bury you!" and then drank some vodka"

So I'm gussing Brett Myers had this coming?

Anonymous said...

Yes he did.


Shaun Kennedy
VP-Public Relations
National Organization of Women