Early Submission for Quote of the Year

Darius Miles, in an interview with Jason Quick of the Portland Oregonian:

"Yeah, you probably smelled liquor on me before. But it's not like I'm at practice drunk. I'm totally focused. I don't care if you come to practice and take a shower, once you go to practice and start sweating, it's going to come out. That doesn't mean you aren't focused or ready to practice. Like you might go out, you might get drunk, and come to the gym higher than a mother, and you sweating, you smell like liquor, and you interviewing everybody. What does that mean? You still 100 percent focused. That's just ridiculous. Ask any other team, little petty stuff like that, if you ask any other coach in the NBA if they smell liquor on a player, any coach would say, `Every year."

"I'm drunk right now."- D. Miles

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sir said...

From the same article...

"It's like you are telling me I'm this franchise player, but hey ... once I noticed it, and I was like dang, 'I don't have no bobble head?' They tried to get me one at the last minute, and I was like, 'No, I'm fine.'

"But I don't want to sound like I'm whining. But this is what you all are telling me. You mean to tell me, if they have a Steve Nash, a Raja Bell, Amare Stoudemire, and a Boris Diaw bobblehead, they wouldn't have a Shawn Marion? But I don't want this whole interview to sound like I'm whining."

Damn Darius, I'm feelin' ya. I even got my own B.Y.O.B. bobblehead and I'm not close to being a franchise player anymore.

Ironically my bobblehead doesn't have a bat or a glove but it does have a "Parental Advisory - Explicit Lyrics" sticker over my mouth. I can't imagine why. Shaun, since you're the marketing guy, can you explain that one for me?

Then again, the bat on Jah Slowness's (darknesses?) bobblehead is permanently attached to his shoulder so maybe I shouldn't feel bad.