My 30 second TV Review

This week’s show: How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

I stumbled upon this show on Monday night, March 27. I have seen commercials for it and know just enough to assume that it sucks. But it does star Neil Patrick Harris, famous for playing Doogie Howser 15 years ago, and the lovely Alyson Hannigan (from American Pie fame), so it brings some minor celebrity to the table. I caught How I Met Your Mother for an estimated 30 seconds. Here is a recap of what happened:

*Doogie Howser (known as Barney on the show) hooked up with a girl last night.

*Doogie Howser is too cool to call her--ever.

*Doogie Howser has her number, but refuses to give it to his friend for a charity event.

*Doogie Howser used the phrase, “Oh Snap!”

Yes that’s right, Neil Patrick Harris/Doogie/Barney is portrayed as the coolest guy on the planet. I could reveal a complicated grading system like the newspaper or TV Guide might do. But after reading the above four statements, I think your cringing says enough. It receives the Stephen A. Smith stamp of...



Annie Fresh said...

I hope you also noticed the random voice-overs by none other than Bob Saget, of TV's Full House fame (yeah, he played Danny Tanner). Any time I'm craving my favorite shows from 1991, I flip on How I Met My Mother because everything old is new again!

Hollywood said...

What? Are you suggesting that Doogie Howser isn't the epitome of cool? You do know he operated on a dog in his show once, and he appeared in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. He also...

Okay, I can't kep the facade up. You're right. The show sucks.

Dallas J. Hawk said...

Doogie is a pimp and that is why he is cool. Since I have seen 5,000 comercials for this show during the Tournament I am sure that it sucks but it has to be better then the Shrimp at Applebee's