Just a note to let everyone know that the domain name bertflex.com has been purchased and now points to our humble blog. It is no longer necessary to type the blogspot part, BERTFLEX.COM is alive, bitches!

I will also be working on a site redesign between now and THE WEEKEND so if you have ideas on what we can do better, talk to me. I'd like to start the Top 5 lists we've talked about in the past so if someone wants to step up on that, let me know. If you have good pics that should be on the Photo Gallery, send them to me.

To commemorate this event, BertFlex.com jerseys have been ordered! They are '80's style pullover Batting Practice jerseys, navy blue with red and white trim, white BertFlex.com on the front and #5 on the back. No lettering on the back so that also means no personalization. Hopefully they will be available at THE WEEKEND. (I'm paying extra for a rush so don't let me down Johnny Mac's)

The price will be $20, except for Josh and his XXL which costs $22. (I call this the "Fat Tax." Don't get mad Josh, I used to have to pay the Fat Tax too.) We have 13 on order (2 M, 2 L, 7 XL, 2 XXL) so reserve yours now. The style of jersey we're getting can be seen on the left. Get Pumped!


Anonymous said...

yes! thank you!

tp do you have the pics from sam's party a couple weeks ago? we need to use the 'pellegrino, texas ranger' pics for something.

likes to fight guy said...

what, was www.kansasbuttbuddies.com already taken?

sir said...

Hey Likes to Fight Guy, ieffedyourmom.com and likestofightguy.com are still available. Maybe you should start that site.