Somebody mixed up the nice and naughty list

Everyones favorite wideout, Terrell Owens, got what he wanted for Christmas.

According to the "New York Post," the former Philadelphia Eagle is getting his own talk show. The project will be produced by the creators of home-makeover show "Trading Spaces." Owens' show is said to combine his big mouth and his love of working out. No word on when or where the show will air.

Bertflex's very own big sandwich was all over this story late last year- see Instant Classics "All I Want For Christmas"

T.O.'s agent Drew Rosenhaus - "Santa, baby, lets work something out here. We don't have to give him a whole channel, how about just a show. He is a premiere receiver in this league and he deserves to be compensated.

Santa - "But T.O. has been such an asshole this year."

Rosenhaus - "I have no comment"

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