If the World Baseball Classic falls in the forest...

...and the games are shown at 4am, does it make a sound?

In case you missed it, and judging by the interest you did, the complete schedule for the World Baseball Classic has been released. It can be found here. If you are like me and are looking forward to any "meaningful" baseball to be played, good luck.

There are such beautiful start times as 1:30am and 4am and just to make it even better, ESPN will tape delay the games that start at a reasonable 9pm and show them at about, oh let's say 2am. I am actually one of three people in the world that care about this tournament and I won't be able to watch a single game of it until the end of pool play due to start times and tape-delayed broadcasts. When you finally have some time to broadcast the games live, you have 1pm MONDAY starts. This is the worst scheduling I have ever seen.

Congradulations ESPN, you have effectively killed this entire tournament before it even gets under way. I understand that the deal you signed with Lucifer mandates that you show 39.5 college basketball games a week, with twice that many during conference tournament week. If you couldn't spare the air time to show this tournament you should not have bought/taken the rights. I mean, it is called the World Baseball CLASSIC which sets up a whole marketing campaign to show the games on ESPN Classic at a time where people will actually be awake. Are my marketing skills that good that I'm needed as ESPN to tell them how to run their business?

I was planning on having nightly gatherings to watch these games but I doubt many of us will be awake at 4am to watch the epic Japan/Chinese Taipei battle. As it stands, below is a list of dates and times that I may be willing to host, assuming that anyone still cares about this crappy tournament (all games are bracket play so teams are TBA):
Sunday March 12th 7pm & 10pm
Monday March 13th 6pm
Tuesday March 14th 6pm
Thursday March 16th 6:30pm
Saturday March 18th 2pm & 9pm
Monday March 20th 8pm

Contact me when we get closer to the dates above and we'll figure out what games (if any) we want to watch.


Anonymous said...


the games look pretty meaningless until march 12th anyway. and maybe it's because of my high level of racism that i don't care about the japan/korea/china/taipei bracket. or austrailia, panama, south africa, etc.

and yes, you're marketing skills are that bad since research has shown that there is only one person in the world that consistenly watches ESPN classic. here's a hint: his name is jason york. i guess that's not really a hint is it?

Dallas J. Hawk said...

I won't even watch it if they but on this shit.