Consider this your Official Notice for THE WEEKEND. On March 16-19, my condo will be the site of the greatest sports-related weekend in the history of man. Officially, it is the first in-person fantasy baseball draft we've ever held. Unofficially, it is an action-packed sports-a-thon featuring:

  • First & Second round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament
  • The Semifinals of the World Baseball Classic
  • Nightly cash King of the Hill tournaments in the gameroom (foosball, pop-a-shot, RBI baseball)
  • Stump the Schwab-Lite (could be team format depending on attendance)
  • EA's NCAA Baseball 2006 on the PS2
  • Degenerate gambling
  • Backyard wiffleball
  • Mad shit-talkin'
  • Mad food
  • Last but not least... that's right I said it, a keg
Assemble your crew, Charlie Murphy. Doors are at 7pm Wednesday March 15th and will be continuously open until approx 2am Monday March 20th. Make your reservations now.

League members, let me know what times you are planning on attending on Saturday and Sunday so that we can get a time for the draft in place ASAP.
For those coming from out of town, let me know what I can do to make your life easier. York has already requested a pickup and drop off at the airport so if you need a pickup, let me know
THE WEEKEND is open to invited friends of league members as well but be sure that the person who invited you is there to vouch for you. Exception: If I don't know you or don't like you, I have veto power (This is called the "Woodman Rule").

Small set of rules for this event (to ensure that my condo will not be declared a Disaster Area on monday morning)
  1. Puking anywhere besides the toilet, bathroom sink or bathtub will result in a severe ass-beating my myself and Shaun "The Hammer" Kennedy.

  2. You have 10 minutes to clean any vomit-related residue in and around the designated areas. Failure to comply = ass-beating.

  3. Out of town guests of the league (York, Marlon, Randy, Brendan) have first dibs on sleeping areas. There are 5 options (2 couches, 2 air matresses, 1 recliner) so we do have provisions for others to stay. If you are from the area and are planning to stay overnight, bring a sleeping bag, air mattress, or other provisions to ensure you won't have to sleep on the floor.

  4. My bedroom will remain locked at all times to prevent accidental druken occupation of my bed. Personal escort by me will be the only way to gain access.

  5. There may be a nominal cover to help pay for the keg if you're drinking. I'll eat as much of the cost as I can afford but I may not be able to cover it all.

  6. If you have a laptop computer, bring it with you. CBS is broadcasting all the games online so we can set up laptops to see the other games in progress besides the one the CBS nazis decide we have to watch.


I'd like to take this opportunity to let everyone know the first contest of "The Weekend." The Adam Morrison look-alike contest. Sport your best dirt lip mustache and win a prize (probably food or beer-related). It's that easy!


    Dallas J. Hawk said...

    I am calling first dibs on a couch.

    big sandwich said...

    I will not hesitate to slap bitches who get out of line!