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It's a big wrasslin Sunday here at the 'Flex. A while back I saw a Top 10 Wrestlers of All Time list, and I felt a little hatin' and debatin' was necessary. I chose friend of the site, Hollywood (CEO of The Indy Corner) as my partner, but not in that way.

We skipped past the "why is there a top 10 wrestler list on a real, journalistic newspaper's website?" and got straight to the point. So if you're looking for a riveting wrasslin' conversation, here you go:

HMW: Ignoring the hideous web design and having to navigate through them one at a time, give me some thoughts.

1) Flair
2) Hogan
3) Lou Thesz
4) Bruno Sammartino
5) Steve Austin
6) Bret Hart
7) Gorgeous George
8) George Hackenschmidt
9) Andre the Giant
10) George "The Animal" Steele

Hollywood: Ironically, I actually agree with 90 percent of this list, which is a real first. I say "90 percent," because what the hell is George "The Animal" Steele doing on this list? I mean, I liked him and all, but even dead last on the Top 10 of All Time is a stretch. Seriously, the Rock? Randy Savage? Sting? Hell, even the Ultimate Warrior makes more sense than George!

HMW: I'm not sure how old the author is, but I was mightily impressed with the inclusion of Lou Thesz at #3. Most "all time" lists nowadays (esp. sports...or in this case "sports") covers 1990-2009. There were a few old school guys on there, which gave him some credibility. It seems like Bret Hart should be higher than 6, but I won't complain too much.

The only case i could make for George "The Animal" is his mainstream status. Not saying The Rock and Macho Man don't have it, but people still know who George Steele is (and what he looks like). And I guess the author didn't want to lean to much towards the 80s/90s/00s?

Side note - I could think of some top 10 lists the Ultimate Warrior could be on.

Hollywood: I'm not knocking George at all. He's definitely an important icon of sorts in professional wrestling.

But his impact just can't compare to someone like The Rock. Even if The Rock's career was technically short and even if you want to somehow claim he "sold out" (fun fact: he didn't), his contribution to pro wrestling just makes poor George's look like small potatoes. Many casual fans believe wrestling started going downhill the moment The Rock left, and that's a comment no one's been able to make since the Hulkster took his first hiatus.

(also on that side note: Ultimate Warrior is in a list all his own, really, with his name listed as 1 through 10!)

HMW: I do agree with you on The Rock's part. I think I would have had him 6/7ish on my list.

But theoretically had i wanted to argue full-on for Steele, I would have won that debate, since i would have TYPED LOUDER THAN YOU AND USED ALL KINDS OF EXCLAMATIONS!!! YOU'RE WRONG HOLLYWOOD!!! YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!!!!

Moving on, the more important (and fun) question: who's on your "definite" list for Worst Wrestlers of All Time?


Honestly, I'm not sure where I'd put The Rock. I have a tough time deciding if he should rank higher or lower than Steve Austin. Still, he damn sure deserves to be on that list.

Now, for my "definite" worst...? That's not so easy as some might think, but perhaps...

Khali - he's big...but he's terrible in thing, awful on the mic, and about as charismatic as my dog when she's asleep.

Jackie Gayda (the girl from Tough Enough) - anyone remember that God-awful match with her Chris Nowinksy, Bradshaw, and Trish? (HMW note: youtube video here)

Giant Gonzalez - and he wrestled in a suit that made him look naked!

Mantaur - a description just wouldn't do him justice

Max Moon - he wore a jet pack to the ring...REPEAT...he wore a JET PACK to the ring!

The Gobbledy Gooker - while he never TECHNICALLY wrestled, he still REALLY sucked

It's the best I can come up with so far. Vince Russo definitely deserves an honorable mention for just sucking in general.

HMW: I was going to think of more, but how 'bout I just post this and we'll call it good?

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