Oh, and the Fourth Inning is the Beer Inning

I've got some Friday time-killing material for you. Even though we've got a week left of fucking around, this is kind of like your exit interview with us:

The Simpson's Softball Quiz

If you don't ace this, I didn't do my job. Mental Floss has a bunch of other quizzes - the Ralph Wiggum one is good, and the baseball card quiz will make you feel bad because all the expensive rookie cards you used to own have turned into worthless rookie cards in your mom's basement.

I've long contested that this episode of The Simpsons is the best episode of anything on television ever - it probably has something to do with the fact that I was a scrappy ten year old when it aired, thus being a symbol of my childhood. Or the fact that I play softball now and I can relate to the struggles of a minimal effort sport and the role that beer plays in each game. Whether you agree with my TV show ranking system, I don't think I'm that far off.

Thanks to the Asians, full episode is here.

Bonus feature: a new k.u.chebag entry over on Mizzourah last weekend. And the one from today (it's pretty good).

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