Nope, Still Not Safe to Watch Around the Horn

Today's winner? Lil' Wayne.

And here is the proof. Wayne starts out strong with some football discussion (imagine that, on ESPN):

Midway through the show, Wayne is dominated by Michael Smith and Woody Paige. Jay Mariotti is still in the game, but Weezy needs a big choke-job by Woody. With his intellect, that would never happen, would it?

Oh but it did! Weezy fo' sheezy makes it to the Showdown vs. Michael Smith! This is exciting! What's gonna happen?!

After two basketball topics (insert racism here)...Lil' Wayne is today's champ. He even goes as far as using air quotes in his 20 seconds of face time:

Congrats, I think. Even better, Statboy says "Well said, G" after Wayne's rant on Lawrence Taylor joining Dancing with the Stars. Truly a banner episode in ATH history. Actually it's probably the banner episode.

If you'd like to hear the championship wisdom of Lil' Wayne, head to his blog on espn.com. Nope, that's not a misprint either.

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