If You Weren't Already Thinking About Bacon While Your Woman Gets Undressed...

Yesterday I posted on insideSTL the top crappy gifts to get your special lady for Valentine's Day. Those were all Cardinal-related, and shouldn't be taken too seriously, as they were truly craptastic gifts.

But one thing i can get behind (possibly pun intended) is a bacon strip thong from the fine folks at bacontoday.com. If you're spending a bunch of money on flowers, dinner, jewelry, or any other bullshit gifts for this upcoming "holiday," you might as well toss another 10 bucks into the mix and have a little fun.

The link will take you to Cafe Press, where they apparently have over 400 bacon-related underwear designs for you to pick from. I wasn't creepy enough to look through all of them, but there are some good choices.

I mean, if they had hot models wearing the bacon underwear, I would have glanced at a few hundred more to see what else was out there.

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