Today's The Day

Are you looking for a video game that has all the nail-biting excitement of NFL Head Coach? You'd figure a game that lets you schedule meetings with your tight ends coach and review game film (of a game you didn't get to play) would be hard to top. But today you ought to go out and let MLB Front Office Manager ruin your life.

Unfortunately you can't actually hit the X button to swing the bat or throw a ball. It's all you sitting on your couch (well, you'd do that anyway), evaluating stats, developing your franchise - majors and minors, and partaking in the lavish lifestyle that John Mozeliak leads...minus the rage-filled online chats with your fans.

At BFHQ we own a bunch of gaming systems, but not an XPAC 360 or PS3, so we won't be joining in the fun just yet. I think MLBFOM would be fun, but like most games, is the staying power really there?

A couple years ago I bought a poker video game. Within two or three hours of playing (not even all in one sitting), I beat the "toughest" tournament in the game. Thanks for that one level difficulty meter guys.

So I ask: what's the point? I suppose some people would want to see how awesome it is to participate in our Hardcore Fantasy League. The difference is that the HCL takes blood, sweat, tears, and violence to win first place. MLBFOM takes a Saturday afternoon away from your girlfriend*.

Though, if you want, I can write down "Yes, you're a fuckin' genius" on a piece of paper and that could save you a ton of time.

*explanation of this asterisk not necessary

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