Megan Fox Tries To Win Someone Over

In the April installment of Who's Shitty, our own Sir wrote an infamous answer to my question about the lovely Megan Fox.


Bonus Question:
HMW (mowing T. McKernan's lawn) - Tony, I read last week that Megan Fox was named the "World's Sexiest Woman" by FHM. I don't know much about this young lass, but her pictures are top notch. Give me a scouting report on Miss Fox and some projections. Is she more Ben Grieve #1 (1998) or A-Rod #1 (1995)?

I don't know if I can really get behind this pick. She doesn't have that projectability I'm really looking for with a #1 overall pick. She lacks a true "plus" tool that would allow me to get really excited about her. Due to that, she has kind of an "ordinary" look about her, and not the hot kind of ordinary you get from someone like an Alyson Hannigan, who I list as one of her comparables. I think this was a need-based pick, to try and generate a spark on offense for FHM, rather than taking the best player available. In my mock draft, I had Alba, Hazell, and Johansson as my top 3, so I was shocked when they went with Fox. She's definitely in Grieve territory. Megan Fox... Shitty.


So here we are nine month later, Meggy tries to win him over by shredding some Guitar Hero at some douche's house:

A very valiant attempt, but I'm not sure if that's enough. None of the other pics have her wearing less clothes.

If you're into that kind of thing, you could try these pics of her instead (highly recommended by me/probably not by your boss).

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Anonymous said...

That dumbass kid has the ass shot, and is looking at the couch instead. Idiot.