Happy Bert-Day

It was a real raucous night at BFHQ last night, as I was watching a little of the '07 Home Run Derby on MLB Network. I caught the big second round from Mr. Pujols, only to be disappointed once again (a la 2003) when his run at the finals was trounced by Vlad Guerrero and Alex Rios (yuck).

But one thing I did realize is that today is Bert's 29th birthday (feel free to add your own asterisk on that one). We'd like to wish him a happy birthday, as we sit patiently waiting for another ridiculous season of mashing from Bert Flex.

Unfortunately, while watching that Derby, I checked out Pujols' Baseball Reference page and noticed the long list of nicknames that he possesses:

Prince Albert
Phat Albert
The Machine
El Hombre

Prince Albert? Really? And Phat Albert - has anyone other than Rob Desir used that one? With the omission of "Bert Flex" from that list, it just confirms that we're complete and utter failures.

Although the question could be asked: were we before our time? Will history look back at us as pioneers of things...and stuff?

Well, at least we had fun being failures. See you soon Bert.

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