This Week in Old-School Wrestling Promos

In our first two installments of TWiOSWP (catchy, isn't it?), we learned the art of public speaking from two of pro wrestling's best mic men, the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes and "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. These two legends knew how to work a crowd's emotions by skillfully arranging words to form sentences. Some wrestlers, however, didn't even bother with these basic rudiments of rhetoric.

Enter the Ultimate Warrior. Wait, no ... that doesn't sound right. Anyway, what the Ultimate Warrior's interviews lacked in content and coherence, they made up for with lots of yelling, snorting, and a poor understanding of where the camera was at any given moment.  
The Ultimate Warrior needed not the normals, but brother coulda used some breathe-right strips.

Bonus: This freak of nature right here is just beginning to swell.

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