It's another light week for LSJ, mainly due to my busy blogger lifestyle. It's not my fault I'm in such high demand.

-This week's InsideSTL article, where I list out my generous Hall of Fame ballot. There is a legendary David Cone fart story in there that I ought to tell more often. And Big Head has gone one week without making a Josh Hancock joke, so bully for him.

-Mizzourah is still in some pain from the kU loss, but that won't get in the way of making fun of k.u.chebags again, or looking forward to the Big XII title game (Saturday at 7 on ABC).

-And in case you didn't catch this tidbit in the MsChif interview, we'll be at a wrasslin' show tonight in C-Ville. We'll give you a recap of the festivities tomorrow. Afterwards we'll probably stop by Applebee's and I'll try to shoot myself in the leg.

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