My Favorite Things For 2008

Rarely do I ever take a page from the Oprah handbook, but I decided to compile a list of my favorite things that have been introduced (or in one case - reintroduced) into my life in 2008. So if you're not on board for any of these yet, I plan on using my immense brainwashing powers to make you like everything I like.

No, you won't see championship belts, Nintendo Wii's, or bobbleheads on this list. Just regular ol' stuff that may be flying under the radar. Until now.

In no particular order, here are my favorite things of the year:

1) Drinkin' Category: (tie) G2 and Raspberry Lemonade Propel
I decided to get the tie out of the way first. Despite Derek Jeter being a spokesman, G2 is fucking delicious. And not to go all wussy on you, it's got less calories than regular G-Rade. As for the Propel, simply put: raspberry lemonade is crack. The Propel packs come in powder form and you mix them with a bottle of water (wow, I'm really going wussy on you). They have rapidly become the official drink mix of the BertFlex World Headquarters. Sir leans towards Kiwi Strawberry or Lemon, probably in an attempt to not get addicted like me.

2) Eatin' Category: Wendy's
A big "welcome back" goes to Wendy's. They came back to the STL area in late 2007, but back then, the lines were so long it took us a month to find an hour to stand around and wait for some Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers. Now a weekly Wendy's trip is always on my agenda. Go support Wendy's. Even if you don't have one close to you, a couple JBC's, chicken nuggets and Frosty is worth the trip.

3) Computernets Category: BaconToday.com
Your average single male blogger would put some kind of porn site in this spot, or maybe a humor/hot chicks blog (two things we ought to feature, but don't). Instead, I'll send you to bacontoday.com, a magical place where we've learned about ALL things bacon, including the Turbaconducken. I would have loved to eaten one of those on Thanksgiving, but mom wasn't having any of it. I thought she loved me, hmm. Anyway, put bacontoday.com in your Google Reader (an honorable mention to my favorite things) or at least be sure to check them out on your daily internet rounds.

4) TV Category: AWA Wrestling on ESPN Classic
Those evil bastards at Charter kept this away from me for the first eight months of the year by not offering ESPN Classic on their expanded basic package, so little did I know what I was missing out on every night at 11pm. Classic shows old AWA Wrestling from 1985-1990, back when ESPN was crappy enough to put pro wrestling on their one and only network. The fun part is this era is considered to be the "downfall of the AWA," seeing how they folded up in 1991. That downfall is passed on to the viewer (me, since I'm the only one watching) as pure golden entertainment. The gimmicks are awesome. The mullets are awesome - literally every person on the air has a mullet. The ring attire is awesome. And most importantly, the production value is off the charts awesome. Take a look at the intro:

I love that shit. Also, for the TV Category I have to give an honorable mention to me laughing at the dirty porn titles on the DirecTV. Blow Me Sandwich 12? Who's the genius that comes up with that, and how many yachts does he own?

5) HMW's Personal Category: Blogging For Money
I was trying to think of a really good #5 here, but what else do I do besides eat, drink, play on the computer and watch tv? I suppose poker could have been thrown in there, but I'm a sellout, what did you expect? Thanks to the fine folks at InsideSTL.com for giving me the opportunity to do that, and I'm assuming they haven't read any of my work since I would have been gone a long time ago. One would assume that sometime soon you'll see listed in their links: "HMW out indefinitely (sucking)." But until that day, I'll bust my ass for them and you. I've said it before: I'm such a sweetheart.

And that money helped me buy lavish things like the laptop I'm writing on, and the championship belt I may or may not be wearing right now...

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