BertFlex: Officially The Champs

Over the weekend, we made another significant purchase in BertFlex history:

Quit looking at my crotch...it's a championship belt! And not just some crap belt made by some Indonesian kids, this is the real deal (straight outta fuckin' Honduras!). It's a replica of the "Smoking Skull" belt that Stone Cold Steve Austin wore when he was the WWF Champion.

For that fact alone, it is very fitting that this belt belong in our possession. Now all disputes among the group of Flexers can be be decided via title match.

After "winning" the belt over the weekend, I defended it against the Mad Librarian in a heated arm-wrestling match. It was very very close, but I prevailed, putting me at 1-0 in title defenses.

So for anyone interested in taking a shot at the title, I'm here baby. But keep in mind: I'm the champ; I call the shots.

Come get some.


Mad Librarian said...

Oh, you mean that arm-wrestling match you instigated but did not call a title match at the time? I call shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

"Exhibition Match" is not in my vocabulary.


Anonymous said...

Keep that belt warm, 'interim champ'. Daddy's coming from Tennessee to take the belt.

Mad Librarian said...

You are a dirty cheater. Can I interest you in a whiskey-drinking contest or grammar bee?